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This web site is the home of Spare Time Software---an operation run by one guy who makes basic software (freeware and shareware) in his spare time.

Grid Collage Maker

Currently, the only Windows software available from Spare Time Software is Grid Collage Maker.


(Grid) Collage Maker is a program that makes it easy to create a "grid collage" (among other collage types). What is a grid collage? It is the kind of collage where all of the pictures are aligned along specific grid lines (which can be either visible or invisible). So this program is not mainly designed to create random scatter collages (though this effect can be replicated using the Freestyle function). If you have ever created collages using Google's Picasa, then you probably have a pretty good idea about what a grid collage is.

What advantages does (Grid) Collage Maker provide over the collage functions in Google's Picasa?  Answer: More options for controlling picture alignment and arrangement.


Using Grid Collage Maker it is very easy to combine multiple picture (up to 20) into one picture (a grid collage) that can then be printed in such common picture sizes as 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14.


There are many options available for picture layout and grid customizing---including the use of patterns that can be tinted with any color at any level, and special options like fade and shadow effects. The best thing to do is to experiment with the buttons (especially the "Grid Options" button) and learn what can be done by playing with the program.


For saving your collage, there are two options: 1) You can simply save the collage picture, which can then be printed; or 2) You can save the collage project, which allows you to come back and adjust any aspect of your collage at a later time.




The unregistered version of "Grid Collage Maker" is fully functional; HOWEVER, "Unregistered" will be printed across the middle of every saved collage picture. In order to remove this restriction, you need to register "Grid Collage Maker" by sending the Registration Fee of $5 (USD) through PayPal to After I have received the payment, I will e-mail you an invoice and a program called "ActivationCode_Request." You need to copy both of these files into your "Grid Collage Maker" folder and double-click the Activation Code Request. This will generate a file called "Send_Me," which you need to e-mail me (; then I can send you your Activation Code, which will register Grid Collage Maker and allow you to use it without any restrictions. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but it is done to help prevent piracy (and it only needs to be done one time).

You can download the free unregistered version here:

The program is also available from

This is a shareware program. The demo is free, but the registration fee is $5 (USD). If you have any questions or comments concerning this product, please send an e-mail to



The Editor Team awarded Grid Collage Maker the Top Software Award.

They also made a video tutorial with Grid Collage Maker installation: tested this software with two of the best antivirus engines available today. They found it to be clean of any form of malware (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.)---the full reports are available here: 



The editor team concluded:
"Easily create a grid collage from your pictures with the help of this smart and reliable tool that also provides many useful options to control the picture alignment and arrangement." 

You may register GridCollageMaker with this button or by using the Web Store link at the top of the page:

Sofware for Amiga OS4.x

Most of my sofware titles have been made for Amiga OS4.x, and are available from

As of 5/19/09, this list includes:

File Category Version Size Date OS Readme
miniamp.lhaaud/mis2.01021kb18 Mar 064.0¤ A Small GUI for Use with AmigaAMP or AMPlifier
miniampdeluxe.lhaaud/mis1.2614kb24 Apr 064.0¤ Deluxe Version of MiniAmp for AMPlifier
tunenet-expensive.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1149kb29 Dec 054.0¤ Another Skin for TuneNet v0.7+
cpc.lhadev/uti1.31Mb11 May 084.0¤ Application that Creates Reaction Command Panels
visualguimaker.lhadev/uti1.01Mb05 Sep 084.0¤ A GUI Maker and Command Window Creator
amidisk_aiss.lhagra/ais1.0265kb30 Nov 074.0¤ AISS Button Images for AmiDisk 2.0
png_icon_editor.lhagra/edi1.99Mb17 Jan 084.0¤ A Tool for Manipulating PNG Images and Icons
pebs_icons.lhagra/ico1.0178kb24 Jan 074.0¤ 32-Bit Hard Drive Icons for OS4 Final
32bitpointers.lhagra/mis5kb27 Dec 064.0¤ 32 bit PNG Pointers for OS4 Final
anotheribtoolbar.lhagra/mis137kb11 May 054.0¤ A combination of "ibtoolbar.lha" and "ibtheme.lha"
bubbleblanker.lhagra/scr1.1885kb14 Mar 084.0¤ A Screenblanker Patterned after Vista's
collageblanker.lhagra/scr1.75Mb19 May 074.0¤ A Collage Picture Blanker
blacktan.lhagra/the1.0464kb25 Aug 054.0¤ Black&Tan Themes
chrome_themes.lhagra/the1.01Mb17 Dec 054.0¤ A Couple More GUI Themes
rlphtheme.lhagra/the1.01Mb09 Sep 054.0¤ Theme Inspired by the Artwork of Rolpho
themes.lhagra/the1.41Mb19 Aug 054.0¤ New Themes for the New Intuition
picturewidget.lhagra/vie1.61Mb10 Sep 084.0¤ A "Widget" for Displaying Pictures
amigascrapbook.lhagra/vie2.6.55Mb31 Mar 074.0¤ A virtual scrapbook with samples (Full Archive)
strip_anim_viewer.lhagra/vie1.0511kb07 Oct 074.0¤ A Viewer for Strip Animations
reqtools.lhalib/mis42kb05 Oct 074.0¤ Reqtools.library with PPC glue code
nsaddressbook.lhanet/bro3.82Mb02 Mar 094.0¤ An Address Book and Quick Links Panel for NetSurf
owbaddressbook.lhanet/bro4.22Mb03 May 094.0¤ An Address Book for the OWB Web Browser for OS4
datadisplay.lhaoff/dat1.49Mb08 Feb 084.0¤ A Database Program with Samples
extrainfo.lhauti/fil1.21Mb17 Jul 074.0¤ Provides Additional Information about Files
clipselect.lhauti/mis1.11Mb01 Dec 074.0¤ A Clipboard Manager with Graphical Previews
fontpreviewer.lhauti/mis2.1711kb06 Feb 084.0¤ A Simple Font Preview Program
text2png.lhauti/mis1.02Mb06 Apr 084.0¤ A program for converting text to a PNG image.
collagemaker.lhauti/mis1.0804kb18 May 094.0¤ A Program for Making Collages
benchboards.lhauti/wor1.18Mb18 Nov 074.0¤ Similar to Dashboard Widgets on OSX
clockskinsboard.lhauti/wor1.0996kb19 May 074.0¤ Skinnable Clock for BenchBoards
maclikedock.lhauti/wor2.67Mb11 Sep 084.0¤ A Visually Impressive Program Launcher
screenselect.lhauti/wor1.0748kb03 May 074.0¤ A Screen Switcher Based on Mason's Mock Up
skinnableclock.lhauti/wor1.62Mb10 Sep 084.0¤ A Skinnable Clock for Your Workbench